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We are the architecture, urbanism,  and interior design agency led by Greg Bousquet.

the balance between the global and the local, the technical and the artistic, the organic and the mineral, the city and nature.


The convergence of these distinct definitions comes to life through the fusion of visions, stories, and skills within a multicultural team. This team embodies an authentic approach, diving deep into the essence of each project to deliver a holistic solution. With a keen awareness of optimizing material usage, maximizing space efficiency, and preserving the environment, they collectively embrace a philosophy that embodies virtuous urbanism and ethical architecture. Their technical and artistic prowess translates this philosophy into reality, with the ultimate aim of leaving a positive legacy in the lives of individuals, neighborhoods, and entire cities.

from macro to micro scale

In addition to being a premise, sustainability is the theme studied from all angles that encompass its meanings within the architecture market. From energy to ecology, it transcends the social, programmatic, and financial aspects of design. And in this fertile exercise of studying human behavior in constant flux, it promotes the excellence of good architecture from macro to micro scales.


arquitetura de casas  |  São Francisco Xavier, Brasil

Holistic sustainability


The connection with nature is vital.


The solutions aim for holistic sustainability, an approach that addresses the various aspects of sustainability: From energy to ecology, to the social, programmatic, and financial dimensions of each project.

Virtuous urbanism

and ethical architecture


The attention to the project's implementation in the urban fabric reflects our commitment to working towards virtuous urbanism and ethical architecture, extending the positive impact of each building to the fabric of the city in which it is inserted and transcending well-being beyond the construction itself.

Barra dos Remédios
masterplan  |  Barra dos Remédios, Brazil

Masterplan, Barra ds Remédios

the beauty of all things


With each creation, we evoke beauty beyond aesthetics, exalting the essential qualities of proportion, harmony, and human scale, invoking the beauty of all things. Our careful attention to every detail brings forth the philosophy of optimal material use, composing spaces with natural materials, from constructive elements to the subtleties of textures, colors, and forms.

committed to accomplishing


The concepts and philosophies that shape our essence stem from our academic knowledge, extensive research in the fields of architecture, urbanism, sociology, and philosophy, and active participation and collaboration between us and the important actors shaping the city.


Bringing together developers, investors, technicians from various fields, and society, we reaffirm and enable our approach.

CasaRetrato_NOV2023_AGE360 (1).jpg

AGE 360
architecture  |  Curitiba, Brazil

ARCHITECTS OFFICE + Triptyque Architecture

photo: Casa Retrato

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