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Country houses as experience in cintemporary living. 'Casa Pedra' is published as relevant work


With the world in a pandemic, we saw the house being the most fundamental shelter for man, a place of sociability, rest, entertainment, and work. And we realize our intrinsic need to be in connection with the external environment and nature. From this scenario, we started to create country house projects that present themselves as a contemporary refuge, promoting well-being and balance with the natural environment. And we are very happy to be recognized for that.

CASA PEDRA, a project led by Greg Bousquet and his team when they were part of Triptyque for LAR IDENTIDADE, was published in the most recent edition of PROJETO + Galeria da Arquitetura 2022 Yearbook, an editorial curation with the most pertinent national works and projects of the year, selected by the most traditional architecture platforms in Brazil.



A countryside single-family house project, built on Fazenda da Grama SP - BR.

CASA PEDRA is a concept project for country houses, with three units already built at Fazenda da Grama, in Itupeva (SP) in complete integration with the local landscape.

As a faceted monolith, the house of approximately 750 meters of the built area has openings carved throughout its perimeter and core, allowing an uncovered central patio that welcomes those who enter with a sensory garden. The same organizes the program of intimate spaces, with five suites, and social spaces with kitchen, living room, balcony, and a terrace with fireplace.

The creation presents the concept of a country house with a unique design that expresses the well-being and poetics of living in connection with nature.



We thank our partners in this project – LAR Identidade, LAR Construtora, Rodrigo Oliveira Paisagismo, Studio 220V, Ricardo Bassetti – and the architects João Vieira Costa, Rodrigo Mathias, Ana Castro, Gregory Bousquet; Joana Espinha, Weslley Karpor, Maria Eugenia, Gabriel Corrêa, Thiago Buccieri, João Calhau, Luis Garcia, Luciana Evans.

Soon, more concept projects for LAR ID in São Paulo.


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