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Rethinking the future as a design challenge - AGE360 wins important award

One of the main drivers of ARCHITECTS OFFICE is the search for an architecture that faces contemporary global challenges and inspires the next generations. We know that this means investing in innovative solutions to achieve excellence in all stages of the work, which is never easy. Therefore, we are extremely happy to see our work recognized by outstanding international awards.

Our AGE360 project has just won the RTF – Rethinking The Future Architecture Awards 2022, an international award known for valuing independent thinking and architectural innovation. Based in New Delhi, India, Rethinking The Future is one of the most accessed thematic platforms in the world, honoring exceptional works that invite us to rethink the future through architecture and design. For us at ARCHITECTS OFFICE, it is an honor to be part of this select group and contribute with our expertise to rethink the future of architecture and cities.


First Wellness Building in Brazil under construction

AGE360 is our project under construction in Curitiba, Paraná, created so that nature can play its role of welcoming, healing, and calming us, human and urban beings, from our everyday issues, presenting a new legacy for future generations.

With AG7 Realty, AGE360 is the first Brazilian Wellness Building and one of the first residential buildings in the world to have the Fitwell seal, certification of healthy environments. It will also be one of the 20 tallest buildings in the country, with a height of 124 meters and 35 floors, providing a 360-degree view of the city. With chamfered faces, the volume was cut in precise places, thus allowing the best orientation for the residential units from an authentic design.

The mixed-use tower shows structural solutions around the perimeter, which in turn allows free and open plans inside. Beams and slabs are exteriorized on the faces and demarcate the graphics of the three-dimensional grid, a hallmark of AGE360. The result is the practical application of wellness concepts, technology applied to physical spaces, and experience architecture.

We thank and congratulate our partners in this project – Triptyque Architecture, AG7 Realty, Teich Engenharia, Realiza Arquitetura, Renata Tilli Paisagismo, Estúdio Carlos Fortes, Suite Arquitetos and Lapinha Spa – and team members João Vieira, Renata Cupini, Caio Carvalho, Caio Faggin, Rafael Igayara, Mario Kanashiro , Maína Bartholomeu and Gabrielle Rossini.

Soon, new projects with AG7 in Curitiba!


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