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Retrofits give a new breath to the city?

Retrofit under development at ARCHITECTS OFFICE, encouraging urban requalification at the Arouche region - BR

You might think that São Paulo's chaos has no solution. But they do exist, and most of them come from architecture. All over the world – and gradually in Brazil as well – extensive renovations called retrofits to reinvigorate buildings bringing new uses and preserving the history and tradition of each place.

This rational and sustainable way of recycling buildings makes it possible to maintain awareness of what has already happened and, at the same time, prepare for what is yet to come. Starting with this sustainable vision we, from ARCHITECTS OFFICE, decided to revitalize a building in Pinheiros to house the new headquarters of ARCHITECTS OFFICE. The chosen location is a commercial building in the Pinheiros district, which is being transformed to open a new chapter after the several years we have been operating in our old downtown office.

Upgrading an existing building is a more sustainable way of producing our cities. Instead of demolishing and ending the original construction, the proposal is to carry out a deep restoration, preserving structural and sometimes aesthetic elements. Although it is a bit challenging in terms of construction and process, designing a new version for an old space is an admirable and increasingly necessary action, which requires research and technology.

Providing a more diverse and integrated landscape is another important objective. With shapes, colors, and new functions, we can attract people who had not visited that region until then and create innovative dynamics. In this way, it is possible to contribute to revitalizing not only the building but all its surroundings. By bringing architectural quality, we boost the effervescence and creativity that the city needs to motivate, inspire and welcome everyone.

Wooden residential retrofit CLT - ARCHITECTS OFFICE + CANVAS + RFM + KOEMA

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