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The architecture of a trajectory

By Greg Bousquet

Architectural designs are not built on blank sheets or canvas. A good project is created from places that already exist, each with its own history, with all the peculiarities that distinguish them from other places in the world. So too is an architect. Nobody is born an architect or an architect. It is an exercise, something growing, a context that generates a trajectory that in turn makes each professional stand out from the rest.

In practice, what happens is that that same sensitive look that seeks answers on how to conduct a project also raises many questions. With no blank sheets or the chance to start from scratch, we wonder how we can evolve from where we are. It's as if each choice and each decision were molding us, creating a volume, certain insolation conditions, certain pressure zones and more or less airy spaces.

The year 2021 marks for me a period of intense personal and professional transformation. The loss of Carol Bueno in the early days of January confirmed that nothing would ever be the same. From then on, I experienced a long process of elaboration and maturation, which now becomes a new beginning.

I leave Triptyque to create a new story at the head of Architects Office, an architecture agency based in São Paulo and Lisbon, which is based on a team of more than eighty professionals and dozens of ongoing projects. With creative and technical profiles, we combine art and executive domain. What unites us is precisely the conviction that architecture is the combination of creation and development, idea and result, concept and implementation. The organization chart structured in two countries contributes to a “glocal” vision, evoking global concepts as well as contextual and unique concepts of each place. This allows us to arrive at original propositions, authentic but also provocative.

Development partners, creative partners, local and global partners. That's where we'll move forward, condensing everything we've done so far and, in a way, what we haven't even started to do yet. ARCHITECTS OFFICE does not start from a blank sheet, and what a wonderful thing that is.

I invite you to follow what we shape for the coming years now with a new identity: ARCHITECTS OFFICE SP and LX.


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