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The Importance of Dialogue Between Architects, Real Estate Market, and Educational Institutions

Master Class AO "Design excellence in real state" for NYU Schack Institute of Real Estate

Sharing experiences and exchanging knowledge is one of the pillars of AO's approach, which is based on the idea that architectural practice should always occur in a transversal manner, integrating different disciplines and areas of knowledge, and encouraging interaction between the different sectors responsible for cities.

This perspective brought our professionals closer to prominent figures in national urban planning, such as Washington Fajardo, former Secretary of Urban Planning for Rio de Janeiro and current Urban Planning Commissioner for Rio, as well as President of the Pereira Passos Institute of Urbanism. With a significant trajectory in changing paradigms about the city and its occupation, Fajardo was a visiting professor at Harvard University Graduate School of Design and was elected one of the six main global urban heroes in the July/August edition of the British magazine Monocle. This recognition was largely due to his efforts to encourage new residents to move to downtown Rio, an action that has inspired many other Brazilian cities to do the same.

Fajardo and ARCHITECTS OFFICE founder Greg Bousquet came together because they both believe that any positive urban transformation depends on the quality of connection between the market and architecture, and on architects' ability to understand the business landscape in the locations where their projects are situated. As the coordinator of the Housing & Real Estate Division of the Arq.Futuro Cities Lab, Fajardo invited the AO team to give a lecture about the practice of the office to master's students in real estate at the NYU Schack Institute of Real Estate, one of the most prestigious institutions in the field, based in New York. The lecture took place at the Insper headquarters in São Paulo. The presentation was part of a program dedicated to the group and involved the participation of various experts and professionals from the Brazilian market, strengthening the relationship between Schack and Insper.

On this occasion, Greg and AO's Director of Architecture, Sávio Jobim, highlighted the unique aspects of the office's approach to the Schack Institute group and answered students' questions about the architect's role in shaping Brazilian cities. They presented case studies such as Age 360 and PACE, both under construction in Curitiba for the developer AG7.

PACE - residence that unites hospitality and contemporary well-being in suspended houses of different types, spread over its 44 floors and over 160 meters high.

Founded in 1967 by American investor Larry Silverstein, the Schack Institute continues to be led by some of the key figures in the New York real estate industry, maintaining its leadership in sector education and global reference in research, offering both undergraduate and master's degrees in real estate development.

For us at AO, the dialogue and strong relationships with reputable educational institutions in the real estate market are a way to contribute to the quality of urban discussions and a better future for cities. This is essential, as cities require the commitment and decisive participation of architectural professionals.


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